Studio Tracking – Engineering – Production

Piano: 1927 Steinway “B”
Pro Tools  Ultimate 2022
Avid MTRX ADDA Converter
Avid Carbon DSP AAX
Avid TBA at AES 2022 Hardware
Heritage Monitoring Controller
McOne Nos passive Monitoring Controller
Speakers:  DynAudio LYD48
Uad Quad DSP See Plug In List
Keyboard: Komplete Kontrol S88
DB25 Cables CBI AES and Tascam,
Planet Waves Mic/Line cables
34″ UltraWide Screen Monitor
Yamaha DTXream Custom Built Electronic Drums


Nuemann KM 84 vintage Pair
Nuemann M 149 Vacuum Tube
Schoeps Mk 4 Pair
Townshed L22 Model Microphone
Royer 121 Ribbon
Aea  84 Ribbon
Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser 421
Sennheiser e602 (2)
Sennheiser e604
Electrovoice Re-20
Shure 57
Shure Beta 58 (2)
Akg D12 VR

Analog Preamps

GML 8304 4 Channel Preamp
BAE 8 Channel Series Rack:
Api x2 500 512v
Api x5 500 512c
(Shadow Hills Mono Gama 500)
(AEA  500)
(Daking 500)

DAW Plug Ins

Avid Full Bundle
Soundtoys complete
Altiverb 7
SSl All Duende Collection
Sononox  Complete
Steven Slate  – Complete
NI Komplete Bundle 13 Ultimate
Uad Neve Bundle, Tape Bundle, Pultec New, 1176, New Fairchild, La2a
East West Storm Drum 2,Pro, 3, Rare Instruments and Silk
Galaxy Drums
Perfect Drums
Omnisphere Trillan
+ more and more plugs

Monitoring System – Headphones

Hear Technologies Hear back System(Separate mixes for each person)
Sennheiser HD 600  Monitoring Headphone
Audio Technica m50
Akg 240
Sony 7509
Sennheiser 280


Peavy Class Tube 30 GT Amo


Grestch Broadksters Vintage Series
Grestch Usa Custom
Grestch Brooklyn Series

  Zildjian Various 18,20 & 22 Old K’s Cymbals
Istanbul full range Agop Line
Evans Drumheads

Additional and Special equipment available on request.