Long Island Steinway B Piano Hourly Rate:

  • All piano sessions are a flat 2 hour minimum studio time fee of $240. This fee covers the $120 Piano tuning (mandatory) and $120 for first two hours of piano tracking.
  • $60 per hour Vocals tracking or other Instrumental tracking.
  • $60 per hour editing
  • Please factor in 20-40 additional minutes outside of tracking for piano sessions  editing and data transfer

Question: Why are your fees starting at $240.00

Answer:  A piano technician must be preset to fine tune the piano for each session. This requires additional time before the artist records. This cost covers the piano tuners expenses.

Question:  Do you record video?

Answer: Yes, I sync via Pro Tool to video via a program called Plural Eyes.

Data: I can transfer to dropbox, google drive or thumb key or hard drive.  When the session is done you are responsable for your own data that you recorded. Mantrastudio is not require to hold you recorded session